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Our Motto

If you look at Earth from the top at the moment, and not through the middle, you will find the majority of the living population depressed and in pain. Every now and then, there is somebody dying of poverty, being oppressed, separated from fundamental rights, molested to the extreme. We stand for those somebodies because “Every Life Matters.” Join us, and let’s be the voice of those who can’t speak for themselves.

Empowering Our Vets

We envision a world where the most dedicated defenders of our country are freed from time-wasting hassles so that they can fight for positive change at home.



We strive to provide accurate information to help veterans navigate the bureaucratic red tape and get the benefits they have earned through their service.



We will provide veterans with a platform to connect with current and former service members, share stories and resources, and meet their social needs.



We will create a convenient, searchable database of credible charities to help veterans connect with the services available, and donors put their dollars to good use.



We will create a database of veteran-owned businesses to advertise and patronize and aim to build a veterans-only crowdfunding platform in the future.

Helping Vets Whatever It Takes

Our existing healthcare system prescribes addictive pain medications to our Veterans, which carries the risk of addiction and creates long term complications. A natural alternative is Cannabis, which provides relief from typical issues such as Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD. Even when research confirms the benefits of Cannabis, lobbyists are doing their best to stop the introduction of Cannabis in the mainstream. We shall leave no stone unturned to cater to every veteran of our country with the goodness of CBD. Join us in our endeavor to support our Vets to get access to addiction-free medication!

CBD Care For Veterans

  • Free CBD For Every Veteran
  • Addiction-Free Medication
  • Uplifting Veterans’ Health & Life

  • Free Media from Corporate Clutches
  • Restoring Dying Democracy
  • Economic Equality For All

  • Fighting Corruption
  • Safeguarding Democracy 
  • Advocating Human Rights

  • Helping Veterans Make A living
  • Connecting Veterans With Lenders
  • Building Veterans Community

Your Donation Helps In Our Endeavor

Not everyone has the courage to stand for their rights. A livable nation, a breathable sky, and a filled stomach is everyone’s fundamental right, and we stand with those who could not access these rights due to political oppression or social disparity. 


Most veterans require life-long medication post-retirement due to sustaining a physical or mental injury during their service. We aim to help veterans get chemical and addiction-free medication.

A trend of political parties crushing democracy can be seen in various parts of the world. The world needs defenders who can safeguard people’s fundamental rights by saving dying democracy in a country. We are one of those defenders!


There couldn’t be a greater selfless act than dying for the safety of fellow countrymen. A veteran’s life is all about giving, and in return, they deserve our undying support. We think of it as an honor to support those who fight for us.  


Help us promote equitable election processes and democratic political transitions in Djibouti by protecting all voters and contestants’ rights and freedoms, which is most fundamental to credible democracy.


We are a group of activists and advocates of human rights and democracy who are looking to raise awareness and support in our peaceful yet powerful protest against the growing corruption, dishonesty, lawlessness, authoritarianism, exploitation of the poor, and utter disregard of general welfare that has infested the Republic of Djibouti under the existing regime of President Ismail Omar Guelleh.

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It is easy to choose neutrality towards a State’s oppressive power that doesn’t affect our lives directly when you know little about the struggle and suffering of the oppressed. Neutrality is not just benign indifference

VA Study Finds Alarmingly High Rates Of Insomnia In Post 9/11 Veterans

According to a Department of Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System study, Post-9/11 veterans have “alarmingly high rates” of the insomnia disorder. According to a recent VA blog post, more than half of those studied had the disorder. 


According to the World Bank data, Djibouti is the most expensive country in Africa and ranks as the 60th costliest nation in the world. For the average Djiboutians this means that the cost of living or the amount needed to

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."

Winston Churchill