Democracy and Development


  • Free Media from Corporate Clutches
  • Restoring Dying Democracy
  • Economic Equality For All


In the wake of long standing despair and divisions that grips our society, inadequacies and unkept promises of democracy have become stark. The ideals of democracy are hallowed not by a foreign enemy but by leaders – mainstream politicians and corporate elites perched atop of the greatest democracies. is designed to strengthen and expand transformative actions, on an individual and organizational level, that challenge defects and inadequacies of a rotten democracy, growth of economic inequality and hardening of social differences that has led to decades of anger and anguish among people.


It attracts a diverse and dynamic body of change makers (veterans, women, youth, influencers and thought leaders) who either have been victims of a failed democracy or/and are willing to create a radically different and liberating reality instead of the abysmal current state of democracy.


Committed to revitalizing and reinventing aspects of our constitutional democracy, the collective body of change makers find in a highly charged and collaborative platform to be able to research the system’s dysfunction and deliberate upon suitable solutions and desired results, collectively through its unique operational model based on equity, transparency and efficacy provides them an opportunity to develop leadership, manage alliances and channelize efforts in discovering and executing bold solutions to overhaul the prevailing democratic system so that it may boost equality, empower voters and enhance governmental responsiveness.

How We Intend to Fulfill the Destiny of Democracy


  • Collaboration and Connectivity

We build a network of digital domains that encourages collective action and active participation to find solutions to common problems and keys to common good in a just and democratic way.


  • Economic and Social welfare

we reorient our outlook towards profit and success through a pursuit of common good instead of personal goals. The goal is to achieve sustainable economic growth at the same time social development of every individual belonging to reach their full potential.


  • Justice and Equity

We call for a paradigm shift towards long term sustainability, social welfare along with economic justice to create a more holistic sustainable business/community that takes on a redistributive function.


  • Distributed leadership

We re-conceptualize leadership in a decentralized and democratic format instead of a centralized and distinct position of authority. This entails a distributed leadership and power sharing fundamentally concerned with building positive relations and empowering others.