Uplifting Our Veterans’ Lives

We envision a world where the most dedicated defenders of our country are freed from time-wasting hassles so that they can fight for positive change at home.

  • Helping Veterans Make A living
  • Connecting Veterans With Lenders
  • Building Veterans Community


We believe the most dedicated servants to America – our veterans – are systemically under-served and marginalized. While our country remains a global superpower, the men and women who serve and defend us struggle to get basic support when they return home.


Together, we can do better!

Veterans Anonymous was established to build and maintain a singular platform that enables vets to connect, access services, navigate complex government red tape, avoid fraudulent organizations, and foster dialogue and planning to give back to their local communities.

How do we help veterans?



We strive to provide accurate information to help veterans navigate the bureaucratic red tape and get the benefits they have earned through their service.



We will provide veterans with a platform to connect with current and former service members, share stories and resources, and meet their social needs.



We will create a convenient, searchable database of credible charities to help veterans connect with the services available, and donors put their dollars to good use.



We will create a database of veteran-owned businesses to advertise and patronize and aim to build a veterans-only crowdfunding platform in the future.



How Can You Fuel Our Initiative?

Providing assistance to veterans, gathering critical information, helping people make a living requires resources; plenty of it. A contribution from your end will strengthen our initiative for Veterans and ensure they get the best treatment outside the army. 


It’s not an appeal to collaborate for those who are in need. 

It’s an appeal to stand for those whom we need.